29 October 2007

converstion about self-hypnosis

We both have looking in to self-hypnosis as a way to learn about ourselves or perhaps even to provoke changes in ourselves.
Would you agree with this and would you like to add something to this?
Serena 14:59
i began hypnosis as an experiment, to look at whether it was possible to have any power over my own mindset. if anyone elses voice could inflict change. when i started i realised that i was certainly open to the process. I did not fight it but went with a huge seies of visualisations that i thought may induce change.
iana34 15:01
When you mention series of visualizations and someone's voice to inflict change it seem to me that you are talking about a process to self-hypnotize which is different from mine. Whould like to describe briefly what method(s) you have been using?
Serena 15:02
I have been using 20min relaxation and guided hypnosis cd's. some of them specific and some more open, depending on how i feel.
iana34 15:05
I also have been using relaxation but after that I induce myself into focus on what I want the hypnosis to do.
This is quite different because I do it all on my own
Serena 15:05
i realised very early on in this process that even though i did not create these cd's directly for my self, i was in control of the images & thoughts i was having & the other voice became like that of a mother or brother or friend who wishes the best for you & gives you good advice. (it is still up to ones self as to whether you take any advice from anyone)
iana34 15:05
I think of it now as a individual ritual
Serena 15:06
I have stopped for now but when i was in the midst of it,i
i became hungrey for the sapce & the quiet so that i could focus also
iana34 15:07
times for hypnosis are when you think about yourself and what you would like things on your life to be like
that is why I think of them as rituals
another thing I foud out is that after a session I am very relaxed and calm
Serena 15:08
yes a ritual just in itself makes space for oneself
iana34 15:08
which I miss when I don't do for awhile
Serena 15:09
yes, quite often though i would go asleep & wake up feeling fantastic and just look forward to that...
iana34 15:09
yes. and is not a ritual framed by someone else's rules or ideas. or even beliefs
they are your own needs, beliefs and objectivs - if compared to religion, the search of your own paradise (whatever this means). would you agee?
Serena 15:10
i can't account for what my subconcious did while listening to the cd's which is now an area i am interested, when you are controlling it yourself i guess that doesn't happen???
ummmm let me think about that
iana34 15:15
I found a lot of documentation, specially on the Net, written by people that also tried processes to self-hypnosis. These people mention a lot of times how easy, without forcing change, things were happening, like stop smoking for example. This seems to be the most common use of these methods.
They describe more of process to gradually change things instead of erradicate them completely from their lives, which is a lot more radical and less effective. to some people of course.
I came also to consider other ways of looking at these methods I have been using to call them different things that is not self-hypnosis, like for example self-reinssurence, individual rituals, individual development. It's when I start using these methods into art context that I come to realize that this is a way to creativelly shape ourselves and bring to the surface areas of yourself that are not very developed.
Serena 15:24
I think if that is what works for you then it is important. How do you think you can employ it within an art context
I agree with you on reading that last bit again that yes we can bring deeper tendancies to the surface to observe or work with, or simply reinvent our perception of ourselves from the inside out, which is sometimes the hardest thing to control.
did you get that last bit?
iana34 15:27
no sure. still thinking about it
Serena 15:28
i would also not call it self hypnosis.... but a self affirming reorientation
iana34 15:28
That is another way to frame it.
Serena 15:29
yes.... have you had any negative responses? even though you are meant to be asking the questions???
iana34 15:31
To be honest, I find sometimes in a confusing mental space. this happens when I start a process with an objective in mind and I don't have time to dedicate to the process as I should
then it fall appart I think. not sure.
you can ask questions too.
Serena 15:32
i sometimes found my deeper nature fighting the layers of positive direction just to prove i was in charge, even of my self!!!!
iana34 15:33
that brings up the control issue tot he surface. are these methods saying we are trying to hard to be in control of our lives?
Serena 15:34
i mean i would be thinking one way (perhaps due to hypnosis) and i would purposfully change my thinking to suit myself & how i felt rather than just being lead by a should..... yes there are many issues of control & many layers that we cannot unless we travel specifically & very deep.
iana34 15:34
I strated looking at this with a question in mind which is how much of my life is controlable by me, how much of it is controlable by others, situations I find myself in and luck.
Serena 15:35
yes lets talk more about that but I will have to stop there for now, will try again soon if you like?
iana34 15:35
ok. I think this conversation raised a few things I didn't thought about enough until now.
I will post this on the blog and we can carry on either with another chat or with comments tot he post.
what do you think?
Serena 15:36
thats good then, & yes & thank you
bests Serena
iana34 15:36
Thank you.

A construction

During the time of this exhibition and using what was the learning process for self-hypnosis, a persona is in construction, the one of the writer of fictional biography.

25 October 2007

Many lives of a writer

This is the start process of transforming, a reason for the learning process of self-hypnosis.

24 October 2007

About hypnosis but not hypnotists

Some people recognize the powers of hypnosis to understand and recover from a past experience or to help them to improve their lives – like for example stop smoking. It is used as a method in psychology although it's results are doubtful.
It is at the border of science and belief.
Either as self hypnosis or self reassurance, there are things that more or less consciously is part of the way we keep ourselves calmer, motivated, enthusiastic. What are the role that these things play in our lives and how can do we use them?

In Daries Book hypnotism and self motivation is not explored in an accurate scientific approach. The importance is given to the experience of trying, exploring in an attept to know better ourselves as individuals.

Self-hypnosis is in this work a long term learning process and possibly a changing process.

Self-hypnotism and suggestion methodologies have two states or two phases:
Induction: preparation to suggestion. And here the methods and techniques seem to be very diverse. Most used is relaxation not to sleep but to calm down the body activity.
Suggestion: which will be induced sending messages to the brain, now that the way to a non conscience state is open. Response may be expected to be immediate or take a long time, depending on the goal aimed at.

18 August 2007

individual rituals

As I proceed with the exercises to learn self-hypnosis I come to find a few things easier in daily life.
I have to say that at any point I felt, so far, hypnotized. Whatever that means. As I read in other people's comments somewhere else on the Internet, things become easier to deal with. I didn't act differently straight away, is not like in the films where the hypnotized person do things against her/his will.
But it could be called something else instead of self-hypnotism. how about development of self-reinsurance or an individual ritual? The major thing about the relaxation process and focus of attention on the things I want to improve is that I give them total attention for a determined period of time. The moment to reflection, or self-hypnosis, I turned into a ritual. The difference between this moment/ritual and a religious ritual is the lack of collective organization and belief, no initiation and no formulas either.

8 May 2007

Participate: Jusqu'ici tout va bien

Words and images are used to turn our individual lives more positive or perhaps to focus on an objective or aim to a change.
As comment to this post, you are invited to give testimony of your own ways and methods to self-motivate and reassure. If you took the idea from someone else, please give information of your resource. Share what you have learned. You can use other languages that are not english and you can chose to submit your comment anonimously or choose an identity.

Everyday in every way, I'm getting a bit better

In the film by Emir Kusturica 'Do you remember Dolly Bell?' (1981), Dino, a teenager interested in hypnotism and self reassurance as way for the individual to get from life what he/she wants, uses the sentence ' Everyday in every way, I'm getting a bit better'.

Is the challenge of looking into new ways of knowing that is relevant to this work. I am looking into self-hypnosis, learning by practice so I can understand how it works.
The experience of the general relaxation previous to the beginning of the trance for hypnosis, on the process of learning how to hypnotize myself, has been very rewarding.